Mike Seeber spielt seit seiner Kindheit Gitarre. Schon damals bewunderte er Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan und Johnny Winter, aber auch die Musik der ostdeutschen Bluesbands, die er als seine musikalischen Väter bezeichnet und deren Songs er spielt. Viele Jahre war er als „Texas Mike“ erfolgreich auf Tour. Als Gast-Gitarrist spielte er bereits in jungen Jahren mit Randy Hansen, Bugs Henderson und Lance Lopez. Im Frühjahr 2012 gründete Mike mit dem Bassisten Philipp Rösch und dem Drummer Tobias Ridder das Mike Seeber Trio. Die Presse und seine Fans nennen die Band seitdem „Das Gewitter am deutschen Blueshimmel“. Mit dieser Band hat Mike Seeber die German Blues Challenge 2013 gewonnen.

Winner German Blues Challenge 2013

Mike Seeber has played guitar since he was a kid.  Already then he was fascinated by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Johnny Winter. Add to that the music of the East German blues bands that Mike sees as his mentors and whose songs he continues to play. He did a lot of years touring as “Texas Mike,” successful years too. Early on he played as guest-guitarist with Randy Hansen, Bugs Henderson, and Lance Lopez. In early 2012 he was joined by bassist Philipp Rösch and drummer Tobias Ridder to form the Mike Seeber Trio. The press and his fans joined to call the band “the thunder on the German blues’ scene.”  Mike and his two partners combined to win the German Blues Challenge 2013. Well done!

Throughout 2011 Mike performed as “…back from Texas!” to crowds of enthusiasts in concert halls and open air venues all through Germany. Since early 2012 he’s played in “ECHTZEIT”, REALTIME.

Mike also began working on his first album. He did a bunch of recording sessions at Berlin’s Tonstudio von Rainer Oleak. And with the newly created MIKE SEEBER he did more than 20 concerts, including the much talked about gig at the end of April in Belin’s Frannz Club. That’s when his band made their debut. In his live-programs Mike plays some his original German language songs and these will be on his album. Mike says this about himself: “I’ve played the guitar since I was a kid. What’s influenced me the most has been the blues from Texas and the music of the East German blues-scene.”

“With the REALTIME album I want to both look back at these influences and ahead to my newest sound,” Mike explains. “I want to play what is most important for me, my personal milestones.”

Today, Mike Seeber is looked upon as one of the most prominent live-guitarists of his genre. His live performances are indeed impressive and have been praised by fans and critics for their freshness, his musical virtuosity, and the trio’s powerful and spirited sound.

Mike still does guest performances and in recent years went on stage with Randy Hansen, Bugs Henderson, and Lance Lopez, to name a few.  And he is always a welcome guest when he plays with MONOKEL KRAFTBLUES, one of the most enduring and best known East German blues bands. No wonder Mike is known as “the thunder on the German blues scene.”